November 29, 2010

Daringly Domestic

Today I learned something new! During my last grocery shopping adventure, I picked up a can of cream of chicken soup. Why? Who the heck knows why. Originally I thought, well.... my mom always has a lot of this stuff around... maybe it's good for something. Also, I feel like I always hear people say, "yeah you can dump a can of cream of chicken soup into anything to make a meal!" Not a bad start right? Continuing on throughout the grocery store I noticed a recipe on the back of the cream of chicken soup can. Curious, I picked it up and started reading. Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas! Mmm! As I continued through the recipe an idea dawned on me. Maybe I could make this.... Luckily no one can read my thoughts, because I'm sure if they could they would be instantly scared for whomever I invited to dinner. Running with this crazy idea I zoomed through the aisles to pick up all the ingredients for this fantastic meal. Living outside of my frozen meals and pb&j sandwiches can be scary and somewhat intimidating but I figured I'd be daring. Just this once. Well I got home, and laziness got the best of me. It took me a week and a half to try that recipe. Sad....I know. However, with a good day behind me and a dinner guest to be expected, I tried that new recipe! Guess what... it was AMAZING!! With Kaylyn as my witness, I share with you my victory. We had a grand old time eating our enchiladas (meal also complete with green beans, mixed rice, apple juice and an orange) and it shall go down in the history books as a miraculous success. MOM: I even cleaned up right after too.... who would have thought.
Maybe next time I hit up the grocery store I'll venture out to cream of mushroom soup... daring, oh so daring.


  1. Way to go dude. I tell myself every week that I'm gonna do that. But I keep sticking to the Steamables bags. They're like my cocaine.

  2. Those are soo great!! So convenient, and healthy.... right?