November 22, 2010

The Written Word

Today, the random thoughts deal with the subject of Journals. As I was driving to work I wondered if the written word would soon be extinct. Will the "written word" become the "typed word?" Not very catchy right? For years and years and some more years we have treasured the old journals from our g-parents and/or ancestors. Heavy duty-hardbound journals consisting of: exquisite penmanship, yellowed pages, and words like "thither and felicity" popping up occasionally. Yet another You've Got Mail reference.
I use to write in journals; you know the whole pen and paper thing. Of course how often I wrote in my journal would depend on the young women lesson we had on Sunday, or an inspirational devotional I had attended encouraging a new found commitment to write in my journal every single day! Many new found commitments, most of which were short lived.
A little while back, my friend Spencer suggested that I keep a journal online in the form of an email address dedicated to only my journal. That way I can type the journal entries meaning that I might actually write more consistently. Brilliant! I'm going to write in my journal every single day! Many new commitments, most of which were short lived.
So back to my original thought process which was, what will happen to journals in the future? Are our grand kids going to go rummaging around the attic, find a box of flash drives, blow off the dust and jump for joy at their find? Sad day.
I am vowing to you, that I will try and physically write in my heavy duty-hardbound journal at least every so often. I figure since my commitment is so ambiguous I can't technically break my it as easily as before. I also extent the ambiguity to you, to help save the written word!
No picket signs or pitch forks needed.


  1. You're crazy Hailey! I write my journal in a Word doc...lame...I know lol

  2. Hey at least you're writing in a journal! That's one step ahead of me! Maybe one day I'll crack open the old paper journal.. hopefully sooner than later. New years resolution?