November 14, 2010

History Certainly Does Repeat Itself

I'd like to think that I'm not the only one that has a list of those few chores that I despise doing. Those chores that cause you internal pain to even think about and you'd rather give up your first born than do. Alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic.... Thankfully I have only two chores on my list that match the criteria previously described. So far.
  1. Changing my bed sheets, including but not limited to: washing all the sheets and pillow cases and then REMAKING my bed. bleh.

  2. Loading the dishwasher, including but not limited to: the inevitability of touching sick nasty food that oozes off of the places you would never expect and wonderful smells. eww

I realize that these chores are everyday chores, and that I will eventually have to suck it up and complete them on a regular basis. However, that does not change the fact that I hate every second of performing them.

Yesterday I had a small victory over #1. After having my sheets washed and ready to go for a week.... I finally made my bed!! I was hesitant to post this since my mom reads it sometimes and I was sure she would disown me as her daughter if she found out how long I had slept on my bed without sheets... Sorry mom. However, she already found out so the cat is out of the bag! We went shopping yesterday, she decided to come inside to wait for me and she saw it all. The glorious sight that was my clothes infested room. I say was with an emphasis because you can now walk freely in my room and see the floor! It's a Christmas Miracle. Guess what else, I'm still owned!

Let me tell you, making my bed was no easy task. I had to call in a reinforcement to keep me motivated. Kaylyn accepted the seemingly impossible task and performed with excellent statements of encouragement. Secretly I was hoping she would be so annoyed at my snail-like pace that she'd end up doing it for me. No such luck. Looks like I was just spoiled when Jake use to make my bed for me. Of course this was during the time that he and Karlie were dating, so there may have been some ulterior motives but who cares! Such a good man.

I don't know how to express how much I despise making my bed besides saying.... I despise it. Having to walk around the bed a bajillion times and sometimes climbing on it, then counting to three before you hurry and do a lift, tuck and jump maneuver to get that far corner taken care of. Plus, for my flailing sleep patterns, the next day the sheets will just be untucked and shoved to the bottom of the bed anyways! I should learn how to tuck myself into a burrito baby and maybe that would solve it...

I post about this to prove that I am now sleeping on my newly made bed, complete with sheets and pillow cases. See mom! No more bed bugs!

Until next time.....

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