November 11, 2010

Legal Influences?

This post will make more sense if you keep in mind that I work at a law firm, and I'm taking law classes in school. More or less, I'm surrounded by all things legal. (technically we all are... but I'll stop this tangent right here ____) Now that you've been forewarned, I will begin. Sometimes I wonder about Causation. For example, I purchased a f'real strawberry banana smoothie today, and out of curiousity I looked at the ingredients. I wondered, have producers always had to include the ingredients on the side of each product they make? Or was it a lawsuit from some peanut allergy that caused every product to list its ingredients on the packaging? P.S. those that are allergic to peanuts should just choose to never eat anything. Ever. Harsh? Maybe, but I'm pretty sure that every package containing food has that little warning at the bottom saying, "May contain some traces of peanuts." Mmmm Strawberry Banana Peanut smoothie... What?! Really, you have to cover your butt and say there could be some peanut traces in my watermelon sucker, or frozen lasagna meal? Anyways, I wonder if a lot of safety precautions and such are brought on by lawsuits. I'd like to think that Target just put handrails on the side of my bathroom stall only as a courtesy to their valued customer but sometimes I wonder. Taking this wondering to the next step I create a lawsuit in my head that would cause stores to put handrails next to toilets. Too many people fell in huh? :) Think about it. Or don't.
By the way, my smoothie was fantastic. Just sayin'

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