November 12, 2010

"It's The FINAL Countdown"

In a matter of 4 days one of my best friends will come home from his mission!! Elder Dustin Day has honorably served the past two years in beautiful Brazil, spreading the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Portuguese! I cannot even wait to have him back and to hear all his mission stories! It'll also be interesting because he is one of the first of our friends to come home from the mish. Once he comes home, they all start coming home! YAY!!!!!! I cannot even wait until the day when all of us are reunited! I am so proud of all of those boys. I couldn't have asked for better examples. I'm also excited to see how weird they are... haha Missionaries are always a bit odd when they first get home, Can you blame them?? but the RM's I meet nowadays I take their weirdness as their normalness since I didn't know much about them before their mission. When my friends start coming back it'll be funny to see the changes! Weird or not, I'm so excited!! From a good song which Anisa has been singing for the past week, "It's the Final Countdown!"

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  1. HAILEY THIS IS EXCITING!! 4 days? Where did the time go?!