November 10, 2010

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Reals This Time.

I have anxiously anticipated this day for quite some time..... Monday teased me with some rain/slushy almost snow, but today we received the greatest blessing yet. SNOW! I checked the weather this morning and loved seeing the little image of snow flakes falling. While I was getting ready for the day I started the cocoamotion. Thanks Kar! I made sure to be prepared, so I dressed in layers. Thermals - of course.
This morning was a very eventful morning and here is how it played out:
My LAST follow up knee appointment with Dr. Wallentine. The verdict....... drum roll please.... I'm cleared!!!!! He said everything looks great and I'm good to go! I contemplated admitting to him that I have infact been playing soccer since October 18th Best. Day. Ever. and figured it would probably be for the best. Of course, this was only because he had already given me clearance... oops. He asked about how soccer has been going and I told him honestly. FANTASTIC! I feel great, my knee doesn't hurt, it feels perfectly stable, and I can run like no other. The first time I stepped on that soccer field I will admit I was shaking like a leaf, had visited the bathroom 3 times in the past 20 minutes and prayed A LOT. Once that game started and I began running around, all my cares went away. I felt free. By the way in case you didn't know, our bodies are amazing. While I wasn't able to walk for awhile the fact that I can run full force was liberating. Bringing me back Dr. Wallentine made sure that I knew to keep up on strengthening my knee and assured me it will only get better from here. Isn't he so great?!
Once I left Dr. Wallentine's office, my smile got even bigger when I stepped outside. Carelessly falling snow flakes greeted me and I responded with a cheerful "Good Morning!" I thought, it's only 8:04 am and I wonder how this day can get any better. I stopped by WalMart on my way to school to pick up a super cute umbrella for Kaylyn and I (zebra for me, purple and lime green polka dots for Kay) and headed to class. While I was driving, I glanced upon a single duck eating among 15 goats. so random, but so great.
What's up ahead for the rest of the day:
Bowling League. Yeah that's right, I'm super nerdy and bowl in a league at BYU. :D Someday I'll have my own ball, shoes and personalized bowling button up. It is sooo much fun! Spencer, Adrian and I are on a team and I'm not gonna lie.... we DOMINATE!! So far we have the best record out of the league and on many occassions have beat a team by 140+ pins.... Mostly due to the amazing bowling skills of the rest of my team, but I try to help out as much as I can. Hopefully today I'll be able to beat my high score of 179 and break 200!!
That'll be the day.


  1. Whoa. I want to bowl like you. I've only broken ONE hundred ONE time. I suck.

    My husband has a bowling ball... hahaha love love it.

    So glad your knee is better and it's back to do what you love!!

  2. I love the snow too! I hope it snows a lot before I get home for thanksgiving break so we can go sledding! :) Oh by the way....IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! :)