May 12, 2011


Whenever I see an awesome commercial or advertisement I always have this urge to tell the company how great it was. I know that it must have taken a lot of time to produce that 30 second ad, and I think they should get the credit they deserve! You know, some first hand feed back, not just looking at sales percentages to see if the ad was effective. Well I still haven't figured out a way to do that, but it's constantly on my mind. Especially when I see ads like this one:

hahaha Watch it again. Go ahead, watch it again. It gets even more funny the 3rd and 4th time. Maybe I could invent a like button that would attach to your phone or car. You could simply push this button as soon as you witnessed one of these jems. It would track where you were at, what you just saw and send the "like" to the corresponding company. Even though this may be a stretch, I certainly hope those that work on these ads realize how truly great they are.
Currently there are awesome McDonalds ads that say, "Any size drink for a (insert picture of a buck/bone)." I LOVE these ones! So clever. I couldn't find a picture of any of them on the internet, but I did come across some more advertising treasures! McDonalds seems to have the best ads, especially the ads in different countries.
How about inspiring advertisements?

How about these?
I love seeing these Mormon Channel ads. They have done such a good job on them!! Also, the Mormon Channel app is absolutely FANTASTIC! I highly recommend everyone who can, to download it. Every time I see one of these ads the phrase, "To bring the world his truth!" always pops in my head. Slowly but surely, the church is spreading and bringing more members to the truth. All I can do is smile at the knowledge of what really is spreading... happiness.


  1. If the video doesn't work, look up "Olay Grandpa" on youtube!! You can't live your life without seeing this :)

  2. If the video doesn't work, youtube "Olay Grandpa." It's worth the extra clicks :)