May 16, 2011


What a weekend! Saturday Kaylyn and I went to one of my favorite places in the entire world....
If you've never been, go. Now. Or tomorrow.
We ate food at the little restaurant (more like cafeteria) while watching people filter in and out. I don't know why people watching is so captivating, but for some reason I can't get enough of it. Also while eating we noticed a kids play area down below. Our discussion started with, "Oh that's so nice to be able to have some place to put your kids while you shop throughout this huge store!" and ended with, "I would NEVER leave my kid in one of those places!" Quite the change I know, but once we watched the whole "check-in" procedure it made me think twice. It went a little something like this:
1] Bring child to check-in counter
2] Fill out a waiver (undoubtedly releasing IKEA from any liability if their child loses a finger, gets rabies or needs stitches)
3] Receive a bin for the child's shoes, socks and jackets
4] Receive a sticker with a number that corresponds with the aforementioned waiver
5] Place said sticker on child's back
6] Receive a blinky disk that vibrates when your child has encountered one of the previous conditions
7] Open the big check-in counter and release your child into the unknown
Sounds pretty great eh? I understand that this is probably a lot like daycare, but it still makes me nervous. You don't know these people, and for all we know some 14 year old could be practicing voodoo on my child. Maybe we were over-exaggerating, but Kaylyn and I came to the conclusion that we wouldn't bring our kids to IKEA if it meant we had to lock them in the child prison.
After eating we started to wander in and out of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. We played house and tested out a few appliances. (surprisingly all of them weren't working.... weird) We tested the chairs for support and overall comfy-ness and marveled at the luxurious kitchen set ups. We both decided a big kitchen is a must in our future houses.
Isn't she the cutest??
We continued on our adventure, until we met this.
What is it? Who even knows. What was my first reaction? To grab a newspaper and pop a squat. Gross? Definitely. I have reason to instantly think this cabinet thing is made for such activities because we found it in the bathroom decor section. If you ask me, this seems quite odd.... but hey it's modern so it's okay right? Not okay.
Question: What is modern? I believe it to be the new, slightly odd but radiating cool-ness that only the artsy people can pull off. However, haven't we had this "modern" stuff around for at least 10 years now? Does the "modern" style ever change? If not, can it still be considered "modern?" Obviously I don't understand decorating, but this subject really baffles me. Hey, let's make a table that looks like a banana, surround it with chairs that are too small for anyone over the age of 4, paint it a metallicy color and call it modern. Huzzah!
Joking aside, I liked looking at all the modern stuff, I just don't quite understand it yet. Maybe when I get a few more wrinkles I'll start to figure it out. Until then.... Huzzah to those that love the modern marvels!

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  1. is it a hamper?? maybe you throw your clothes in there and then open the cupboard and they all spill out! OR you stick a tall lamp in there...:)