May 23, 2011

The Counter

We all know that guy that sits on the far corner of the stand who's job is solely to count. When I was a child, I may have been a little frightened by this man staring at all of us, but now fear has turned to intrigue. Yesterday was Sunday, and that means CHURCH! I went to my home ward for my cousin Michael's farewell and was able to sit with my family again. Love that. This sunday, I observed the ward counter as he slowly walked down the aisle with his paper and pen in hand. How does this man do it?! He walks slowly, but a lot faster than I would if I was trying to count everyone in each row. Do you think he ever gets distracted and has to start over? Or maybe even if he loses count he keeps walking and pretends like everything is fine. I'd probably do that. Does he ever get to pay attention to the first 3 talks given? How is he not distracted by the little kid staring at him with his finger up his nose? What about when he passes the row with his wife on it? Does he chance a smile at her or does he have to be strickly business? Why is it that I have an urge to see if I can startle him, see if it will mess him up and to see what he will do? All these questions trouble me at night before I go to bed. Thankfully, all they want from me this semester is to serve more compassionately. Done and done.
Happy Monday, have a comic :)

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  1. So great! I think about this all of the time! They count insanely fast!