May 4, 2011

Little Lion Man

Today I was in the orthodontist office waiting to get my new set of clear correct trays when I was approached by this little creature:
He would run around the area saying, "Rarrrr!!!" or "The Strong lion is going to build a house with blocks." or "The big bad Lion is going to blow down your house!" I couldn't help but laugh, he was so stinking cute! Then when his mom was taking his jacket off this happened. See below. "Mom! My lion paw! I need my lion paw!" haha
Well if that wasn't going to brighten my day, the sun sure stepped in! Finally!! It's beautiful outside, and I can't wait to go on a run tonight! Speaking of sun, last night I was driving home after work with the windows rolled down. While blasting some jammin' tunes I noticed that my windshield was slightly dirty so I thought I'd clean that right up. (This is now an option since my fantastic father fixed my windshield wiper recently. Thank you!) I sprayed wiper fluid, the wipers went, and I got a face full of wiper fluid spray.... Yum! It startled me causing me to jump and now that I think about it, I probably did so with a confused look on my face. Once I had realized that my blonde hair had influenced my thought process I laughed at myself. Looking over, I had a truck full of construction workers joining in to laugh at my stupidity. Love that. Guess what though! I didn't mind one bit because it's SUMMER! The sun is shining, I'm living with my best friends, and life is good. :) So in a round about way, thank you sunshine for shining down and brining summer. I very much appreciate it.

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