May 13, 2011


Well I had planned to post this yesterday, but Blogger wasn't working..... So here it is!
Happy Birthday Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This guy turned the big 16 yesterday and to celebrate we went to Pizza Factory for dinner!! Can I just say that I forgot how much I like that place? Don't worry, my memory has been refreshed and I would now like to eat there every meal for the rest of my days. Exaggeration? Maybe just a litte.
16 is a crazy age. You are all of a sudden allowed to "like" members of the opposite sex (because we all know we did not even think about this until we turned 16.... Never.), you are released onto jam packed, construction filled freeways by yourself and you start wondering about where you fit in this crazy world. Fortunately I think Parker's got it down and he's prepared for this monumentous age. His smashing good looks will carry him right along his dating adventures, he's scared spittless of semi trucks, and he somehow already seems to know where he fits. He's a jokester with a great smile and laugh who is loved by lots of family and friends. Okay, before I embarrass him to death I just have one last thing to say. I love you Parker, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Watch out ladies, this stud is armed with witty charm... can't beat that.

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