May 27, 2011

There's Not An App For That

Any of my music lover friends ever heard of the App called "Shazaam?"  It's a little blessing to this world that allows you to know the title and artist of any song you can hear.  For example:  A while back Jordan came up to me and showed me a new song he had found.  I asked where he got it and he said, "Well, just now I was going to the bathroom, heard a catchy tune, Shazaamed it and now it's mine." Needless to say, this App is fantastic!  However today I type for the possibility, not for what has already become.  Wouldn't it be great if there was an App that could break down food and spit out the recipe to make it?  Really I'm imagining a little something like this:

1] a little compartment that you open up on the side of your phone;
2] ability to shove a peice of cake in above referenced compartment;
3] turn on phone digestion; (sound effects could be included if desired)
4] and then tada! Recipe! 

Think about it, everyone knows of a special sauce out there that you wish you could figure out how to make at home, because then you could fulfill your fatansy of bathing in it.  The only downside that I can forsee would be that all of the 'secret ingredients' would be revealed.  Chefs would be robbed of their secret recipes and their creativity would be accessable by anyone and everyone.  Solution?  Sharing is caring.  Caring is nice.   Nice is how it would be if I could figure out how to make the creme filling inside this peice of cake in front of me.  Thus, sharing = heavenly creme filling for the masses. Win-Win! 

So which one of you geniouses wants to invent this App?  I'll give you all the credit your heart desires and we'll probably become millionaires.  nbd.

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  1. that is BRILLIANT!!! you should seduce a techie so as to get a share of the bank:)