October 29, 2012

Good Reads

Found this post last week and I think it's one that will be re-visited quite often.  I felt awkward sharing this with my parents and friends because I'm not married, but I really do think that this has a lot of great advise for ANY relationship.  So read it..... go HERE.  I'm now following his blog too because I think he writes so well, and could have a lot of good insight.  When I find things like this it really makes me feel sooo grateful for the Internet and for the raw honesty people put into their blogs.  We all go through our own lives, but to be able to share experiences and learn from others mistakes is a true gift in my opinion. Of course this all doesn't have to happen on the Internet with complete strangers, I've learned a lot from my parents and other family members/friends.  Keep on keepin' on people!  We can dominate life together! :)

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