October 11, 2012


First off, happy 10/11/12 day!  This won't happen again until next year on 11/12/13, so savor this day......

So lately I've been wandering off into the blogging word, trying to see what is really out there.  Honestly I feel the way I did when I first started Facebook.  I looked at everyone and anyones pictures, and eventually I would realize I had ended up looking at someones pictures who was a friend of a friend of a cousin's friend, wondering how I got there.... you get the point. 

While I've been searching, who knows what for, I've come across some absolutely fantastic blogs/websites.   Here's a list of my new favorites:  (Click to view their awesome websites)

Blissful and Domestic
High Heels and Grills
Nice Girl Notes
Cold Hands Warm Hearts
Elle Apparel

After finding Blissful and Domestic today, all of a sudden I became overwhelmed.  There are a million people out there that have fantastic websites/blogs on every type of subject: crafts, food, DIY, finances, work, sewing, time management, stress relief, exercising, etc.  I want to buy a house now while the interest rates are low and I have little expenses, and I want to set up all my food storage, I want to sew a cover for everything...the list could go on and on!  It's exhausting to think about all the things I 'could' be doing.  I feel like I want to research all of it, make all of it, but there is so much information I couldn't possibly apply it all.  Everyone has their awesome tips, tricks and secrets, and I don't know how I can possibly remember everything.  Honestly, my compulsive need to put everything in a chart or report is eating away at me right now - I would LOVE to make an excel spreadsheet with individual life categories with little tips under each one.  Basically I want to put my brain and everyone elses brains on paper and make it all organized and neat.  But, where do you start?! 

So, I've decided I'm starting with a budget.  That's something I feel like I can tackle right now.  Next month, maybe it will be setting up a cleaning chart/schedule.  Who knows. 

And to wrap up this explosion of thoughts, if anyone has any great tips on budgeting, let me know.  I'll be trying to figure out all my options, and making one work for me that is realistic..... wish me luck!


  1. I use mint.com and I like it because it's super easy, visual and has good apps. :)

  2. Good to know! You aren't worried about theft or anything with that program? I looked into it once and it made me really nervous to put all my information in there...