October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

I usually hate Halloween.  I like the decorations, and I LOVE dressing up, but I HATE all the scary, spooky-ness that comes with Halloween. Luckily I figured out a long time ago that I don't have to watch scary movies or go through haunted houses.  Us sissies can still have fun during the Halloween season.

Every year we all dress up for work, have a grand old time, eat amazing chili from bread bowls, bring our kids (for those that have them) to trick or treat around the office and fit some work in there some place.

This years conclusion: Dressing up is only fun if everyone does it.   The people that feel embarrassed or dumb about dressing up, and end up coming in jeans, just end up making the rest of us that actually dressed up feel stupid.  If that makes sense.  I think we need to instill a little more of the "go big or go home" mindset into these people.  Coming from someone who's previous costume was pinning cotton balls on blue scrubs and carrying a squirt gun as "Cloudy with a Chance of Rain,"  I can tell you that your costumes do not have to be elaborate or even expensive! 

Anyways.... rant over.

This year my whole family dressed up!  I don't have the picture of everyone yet, but here's a few that I do have....

She's so great! 
All the ladies at her work dressed like this
but in their own super hero.  Adorable :)
Player from the Minecraft game
Only a few people will get this one,
but it's still a cool costume!

Scary, I know.

Parker used my costume idea from last year and taped numbers all over his shirt.  He's "Someone you can count on!" :)  I didn't get a picture of him before I left, but he's looking pretty spiffy! Hopefully I'll have more pictures to come! Happy Halloween!!

P.S. Songza failed me on Halloween music stations, turned back to Pandora and found some awesome playlists! 

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