December 6, 2012

23 years under one name

I decided to stray from the alliterations and went with "Life's Lovelies" for my weekly Thursday post.  There are so many lovely things in the world, and I'd like to take more time to recognize the ones in my life.  So.... read it or don't, but this is a new personal goal for me that I am super excited about. 

So this week I've had lots of things to be grateful for, but I'm narrowing it down to 10 things:
  • Olive Garden's endless salad and bread sticks (with Alfredo dipping sauce of course)
  • Mini pizzas and quality time spent with friends
  • Groupon.... hello massage :)
  • Better than Sex cake
  • Trying something new at a restaurant and LOVING it
  • No-Rush, music blasting mornings
  • Social Media (finally jumped into Instagram!! @haystack04)
  • End of the year Settlements
  • Falling asleep on the couch where the fireplace be a-blazin'
  • The perfect excuse:  Her: "Game at 9:30 tonight!" Me: "Sorry, I can't come, it's my birthday today so I'm going to celebrate with lots of cake, and no exercising." BOOYAH!
Looking for the first post?  Well it's right HERE!

P.S. I've definitely adopted Kay's idea of birthday weeks and it's been fantastic. :)  Oh and I heard someone say that on his birthday he watches movies all day long, and that's all he wants for his birthday.  Going to the theater and staying there all day, or renting a bunch of movies and gluing your backside to the couch....either way it's a pretty cool tradition!  Anyone have any awesome birthday traditions I could adopt??


  1. umm okay olive garden has the BEST bread. have you tried texas roadhouse? their rolls are amazing too <3
    i always get the same thing at restaurants because im scared ill spend money on something i don't like haha. so i just eat off of my husbands plate.

  2. Yay for birthday weeks and mini pizza's!!! P.S. You are so old