December 31, 2012


After reading a few posts from others about their 2012 recaps I logged in with every intention to do the same.  However...... just not feeling it today.  So maybe tomorrow?  I've got some pretty exciting things coming up this week so Thursday's weekly Domination will be fun :)

I will say though that I've discovered some pretty amazing things lately that I can't wait to share!  Cook'n recipe organizer (is the!), Who Moved My Cheese? (great book, fast read, loaned from my dear friend Karlie!), (yeah, it happened), my first snowman (in at least 10 years!) and Property Brothers (best. show. ever.).

For now, happy Monday.  Here, have an awesome quote. :)

hahaha okay......and another one!


  1. Both of those quotes are hilarious! And you are awesome! Love it!

  2. Hahaha love the Pinterest one!