December 11, 2012

Oh hey Hayward!

This past weekend held my annual work Christmas party, and this year was quite and interesting one for many reasons!!  Everyone dresses up all fancy, we eat great food (the prime rib was to DIE for!), and it was spent among fantastic friends and family! Every year we do a raffle for different prizes to give away to employees, and it's always AWESOME stuff. This year guess who won an awesome prize?  This girl. double thumb point at my own chest

Here's how it all went down:

My name is called out of the blue and I jump up to claim my prize!!  There is something about winning by having your name called out...... so satisfying.   I bring it back to my table and everyone crowds around trying to see what it is.  It's a GoPro camera that connects to your helmet or to a head strap! Sa-weet!  As I looked more into it I realized...... I am never going to use this.   I started to feel guilty that I won something that would not be put to good use, that we'd probably strap to the dog instead of use it for awesome adventures like other people might.  Don't get me wrong, I was more than overjoyed to have won, and I would have never complained to anyone about it because I didn't want to be ungrateful.  The night went on and the way the raffle works is that your name can be called multiple times, you just get the opportunity to trade your previously won item or keep it.  Up comes a Gordon Hayward signed Jazz jersey..... I wanted it so bad, and secretly crossed my fingers that my name would be called.   Waiting and waiting for them to call out a name, everyone was wondering what was taking so long.  Vanna White and my dad (did I mention he's the designated MC for this?) were whispering to each other and kept picking out names and putting them back over and over again.  Finally my dad makes a side comment, "Sheesh Hailey's name keeps coming up."  I leaped up with my hands in the air and said, "I want it!! Can I have it?!" before I could control myself.... Everyone looks at me and as you could guess, my face went the color of a lobster.  No one really said anything for a second so I said, "Can I trade for the jersey......?"  I started to slowly walk my way up to the front, unsure what I was supposed to do now.  Once everyone realized I was serious they started exclaiming and yelling at me to keep the camera.  Everyone thought I was CRAZY for wanting to trade and it turned into this all out battle.  (Maybe that's a little dramatic)  After pacing back and forth while people tried to convince me one way or another I finally just said, "No, I don't care, I want the jersey!"  I grabbed it and hurried back to my seat. 

Well I caused quite the stir apparently because I had so many people come up to me afterwards who were just baffled by my decision.  I explained to them my feelings about not being able to really take advantage of how awesome that camera really is, and while I could find ways to use it, I felt that someone else would be much happier to have it.   Sure enough, the person who won the camera after I traded it back came up to me afterwards and said they were so excited to use the camera!  There was my validation, I knew that someone else could use it more than I could, and I'm so glad that we both were able to win :)  Plus, I'm in LOVE with this over sized jersey.  Who knows, this jersey could be an investment.  Hayward is single you know..... ;)


  1. Cute Jersey! Although you should have just sold the camera JK. The jersey is much more memorable than money :)

  2. haha yeah that's true. I could have sold it and bought myself a nice massage.... ;) oh well, I love the jersey!

  3. BAHAHAHA!!! I COULD TOTALLY SEE THIS SITUATION IN MY HEAD! i can see your face and your expression and you getting up and not sure what to do if you could trade or not! CLASSIC HAILEY! loved this story:))