December 27, 2012

Oh Thursdays....

Life's Lovelies just got a face lift.  Thursdays will still be filled with a weekly thankful post, but just under a different name!  Dominating life is no easy task, and it's good to remember all the things that keep this lucky life o' mine in tact. 
  • Lazy holidays with family
  • Scoring sweet gifts from Santa!
  • Being single so that I can still score sweet gifts from Santa
  • Visits from the Cali Conant Cousins
  • Endless Christmas movies
  • Snowmen
  • Snow to make snowmen
  • Snow to make it a White Christmas
  • Free nap ride to work
  • Timp Indoor CHAMPIONS t-shirt
  • 80's Hits Pandora Radio Station (after Christmas of course....)
  • Technology --> Skype --> Christmas mornin' chat with Jordan!!
Whew, what a good week. :)

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