January 5, 2013

Oh hey there 2013!

I am loving all the New Years resolution blog posts.  Can I hop on the bandwagon??  I love that everyone is feeling motivated, reflective and excited about all the possibilities this year could have for each of us.  For me, this year is going to be the bomb.com.  I can just feel it.  Also maybe because I can't stop finding reasons to use 'the bomb.com' to describe things in my life.... can't be a bad sign. 

I too made some New Years resolutions that I'm particularly stoked about:

  1. Learn Spanish....again.
  2. Complete my Vans collection (only 3 more to go!)
  3. Read 12 books
  4. Go on a road trip
  5. Buy my own place
I have a few others, but those will be kept to my journal only. :)  For the past few years I've tried to have a theme for the year.  One year it was "Weightless."  Originally it stemmed from the All Time Low song entitled, Weightless, and it seemed so fitting. 

"Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year.  
I'm so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere." 
I even typed out my resolutions along with what I felt my definition of Weightless meant to me. 
P.S. If you haven't heard of All Time Low.....
palm smacking forehead 
Try them out! They are one of the best live performers I've seen.
 Plus it's a great song to run too. 

This year I've been struggling with what my theme should be... Quotes, Songs, a single Word, anything can qualify. Maybe I'll just go back to my roots and have DOMINATION be my theme for this year.  (Not Dominatrix.... don't worry Mom)  Who knows, but I'll figure it out. I'll probably be blowing up Pinterest searching for some adorable and inspiring quotes.

Well, here's to a fantastic new year that I'm soo excited for! 

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