January 16, 2013

Little Miss Crafty Pants

Well I do have to say, the sewing machine and I are becoming really great friends.  Lately I've made a bunch of things and they were so easy!! I'm posting them so I can save them and they'll eventually go into my blog book I'm making :)
Rice hand warmers for co-worker gifts
(Put in the microwave for 30 seconds then stuff them in your coat pockets. They're awesome!)

Kaylyn's make-up brush holder
Pattern adapted from HERE

Zen garden I made for Dad's Christmas present for his office
(obviously didn't come from the sewing machine, but it was still crafty so that counts right?!)

 My next project is to make a quilt!! I'm thinking this pattern, and using this fabric somewhere.... :)  I'm so excited!


  1. Yay for crafty projects! I love everything about all of these projects! Your dad's zen garden turned out great!