January 15, 2013

Street Names and Blonde Hair

Street Names.

I've always envied people who live on these fancy street names like Paradise Lane, Friendship Circle, Daisy Drive, etc.  Alright most street names aren't that cheesy, but I did see the Friendship Circle one this week.  True story.  I'm not entirely sure where this desire came from, but nevertheless, eventually I will live on Wallaby Way!  I should start taking pictures of awesome street names..... yup I'm now going to start doing that!  So, if any of you see an awesome street name take a picture and send it to me!  Maybe I'll make a sweet collage out of all of them.  Now the wheels are turning....oh the possibilities! 

Blonde Hair.

Yeah, I have that.  I also act like a blonde sometimes.  Shocking?  Not really.  Well yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Jazz v. Miami Heat game!!  It was a freaking awesome game and so cool to see Lebron and D-Wade (even if they looked like little ants from our seats).  In order to score the sweet tickets, we had to attend a little IT presentation about "Big Data" before the game.   What is Big Data you ask?  I couldn't tell you, I was able to follow along for about, oh, ..................that long.  The information I did understand was fairly interesting, but for the most part I felt pretty stupid sitting there with a bunch of IT guys.

Well one guy on our table was being polite and asked us where we were from.  Of course I have no manners and pipped right up and said, "I'm from Mapleton!" with a big grin on my face.  The guy looked at me for a second, raised his eyebrows then turned to my date and said, "Oh, I meant what company are you from."


Wow I felt like such an idiot.  Of course he didn't care where I was residing, he wanted to know why we were there at an IT presentation and what company we were representing.  Oh yeah and did I mention I was on a blind date with someone I met on LDS singles?  Yeah.... That was a big golden start for me.  Thankfully  the presentation started shortly thereafter and I was able to occupy myself with the delicious potatoes, asparagus and steak.  I should be 500 pounds for how often I have to use food as my awkward out in embarrassing situations.

Sheesh, sometimes...... I tell ya, I don't know whether my brain randomly short circuits or if deep down I'm just a bubbling idiot just waiting to surface.  Hopefully it's not the latter. Still crossing my fingers on that one.


  1. omg...lebron was totally messaging my friend dayna the other night on twitter asking her where the fun places in sl are! and he was trying to take her out to dinner!!!!! she was flipping. i was flipping! hahaha!

  2. What?! I don't believe it..... did she meet up with him?! That's pretty awesome if it's true! I would have died... haha