January 23, 2013

Organization Intentions

So I was reading another blog post over HERE about grocery shopping and meal planning dilemmas.  This is a constant mystery to me, and I am always interested to hear how people survive so I was browsing through the comments to the post.  That's when I came across THIS.

Oh. My. Gosh.  Color-coded, organized AND adorable?!  It's a magnetic calendar with little magnets for recipes with side dishes, night out days, leftover days, etc. so you can plan your meals in advance and grocery shop accordingly.  You print out the cute little magnets so they can say whatever you want them to!  The original idea came from HERE and hers looks like this:

These women are good. I wish I could just become them because I'm sure they are great cooks and great mothers if they have their monthly meal plans looking like this!  I want to make my own, especially because in each of the posts they give fool proof instructions on how do so but then I realized I don't have very many recipes. Oh, and I'm cooking for 1. :) So maybe I'll tuck this away and save it for when I've got a family I'm cooking for?   Either way, I had to post this so that I could remember it forever, and because maybe someone else will want to do this for their house!!  Anyone else think this is awesome?! Buhler....?

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