January 8, 2013

To Be... Me

Do you ever feel like if you were raised in a different area, or with different friends that were involved in different things that you would be... different?  I was thinking about this yesterday for some reason.  Probably because with this online dating stuff you have a chance to tell people you like whatever the heck you want.  I'd like to think that I could have been super into art, maybe hiking/rock climbing, maybe in a band, maybe I'd even like dance?  I was in gymnastics when I was younger and did pretty well...what if I would have kept doing that?  While in high school we get sucked into groups and labels - I was apart of the 'soccer girls' and proud of it.  I wouldn't trade my experiences in high school for anything.  What if I decided to play soccer in college? Not saying that I had offers, but maybe I could have found scouts. 

What if....

THEN, I thought, that's what I have my whole life to experience.  I can do whatever I want. I can try out snowshoeing and maybe I'll even love it.  I've never been skiing or snowboarding in my entire life, maybe I should try it out?!  Why not??   Karlie and I went through a time where all we wanted to do was longboard down the canyon.  It was something different, and my mom didn't entirely understand its appeal but I LOVED every second of it. We met a lot of guys and made a lot of friends.

I think the reason why it's a little hard to 'appear' as someone other than what we have previously been known for is that we don't want to give that part of us up.  I love being considered a 'soccer girl,' but I'm also more than that.  I'm a bowling nerd, a warped tour junkie, obsessed with sewing, crafting and scrapbooking and can't get enough of playing board/card games.  Plus, there's even more to me that I haven't even discovered yet.

So guess what this year's theme is going to be?

Definition:  To stretch my capacities and boundaries.  The act of trying new things.  
To expand  likes and dislikes. To discover the awesome that's inside of me. 

so awesome.Self discovery
Yeah, I think it's going to be a good year. :)


  1. definitely never too late to be a rockstar!!!!
    i taught my husband snowboarding last year and he loves it!! you should most definitely try it too. especially if you're in utah. the best snow ever! so soft when you go at the right time :)

    1. Yeah I figure I need to at least go once since I live in the land with the 'greatest snow on earth' haha. We'll see! :)